01 Of The Spookiest Urban Legends From Every State

Alabama: Huggin’ Molly

The legend of Huggin’ Molly is clearly a tool used by parents to get their children to obey the rules: The story, native to Abbeville, tells of a phantom woman who appears to children if they stay out late at night. She grips the lingering child tightly and screams in their ear—she’s not meant to…

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Los Coches Adobe 1024x768


Los Coches Adobe might be one of California’s most terrifyingly haunted places. In the early days, Los Coches Adobe was the site of a mine. However, one day a horrific accident caused over 30 mine workers to be trapped in a collapse. All of them lost their lives. A tragedy like that has to leave…

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Winchester Mystery House 1024x682


The Winchester Mystery House is one property that certainly lives up to its fearsome reputation! Construction began in 1884, and it never really stopped until the owner, Sarah Winchester, passed away on September 5, 1922. It is believed that she spent around $5 million on construction. Why? Because Sarah was convinced that her home was…

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