Guidelines for Your Investigation

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These are a few of the guidelines, ideas, hints, tips, and suggestions for investigating the paranormal.

  • Make sure you have permission to conduct an investigation.
  • Keep your perceptions clear prior to the investigation. Never drink or smoke during or before an investigation.
  • Arrive with an open mind. Always be aware that there may be a natural explanation for what is happening.
  • Make sure that you bring along all the items that you need to properly conduct your investigation.
  • Interview the witness in depth, repeating questions, if necessary. This will allow you to tell how consistent the experience account is and whether any of the witnesses may be embellishing their version of the story.
  • Make sure that the witnesses are comfortable with the investigation and understand what you are doing.
  • Try some field experiments to reconstruct the events. Let the witness walk you step-by-step through the encounter or experience and have them explain their feelings at the time.
  • Always respect the location and whatever ghosts might be present. It is important to be respectful of the living and the dead.

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