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WHAT IS SLEEP PARALYSIS? by slinkii@theshadowlands.net Article courtesy of South Jersey Ghost Rsearch Sleep paralysis, also known as Old Hag, is a phenomenon that is known, to some extent, by all cultures throughout the world. Some people say attacking aliens are the cause of sleep paralysis, while others credit the “Devil” himself and/or his minions, and if…

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COMMUNICATING WITH GHOSTS by Tina Carlson – tinacarlson@theshadowlands.net Article courtesy of South Jersey Ghost Rsearch A question that often is asked in Shadowlands email is “How Do I Talk to Ghost? I want to contact them.” I usually advise waiting until a ghost contacts you. There are several ways that a ghost will do this. Through our…

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Avon Haunted Bridge 3 (1)

The Avon Haunted Bridge is a purportedly-haunted bridge near Avon, Indiana that runs across the White Lick Creek. It is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of an African-American bridge worker. Manifestations Screaming Pounding from within the bridge Blood dripping from the bridge Background The story goes that one of the workers during the bridge’s construction was a…

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Georgia Paranormal Societies 0 (0)

Georgia Paranormal Societies   Society Name City Website 3-D Ghost Hunters Savannah Website Acworth Paranormal Society Acworth Archer Paranormal Investigations Kennesaw Website Ata Paranormal Snellville Website Athens Area Ghost And Ufo Support Team Athens Atl Ga Ghost Girls Atlanta Website Bi City Paranormal Research Fortson Website Boo Busters Paranormal Atlanta Carroll County Paranormal Investigations Temple…

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