Life lives on! Hans Holzer speaks from ‘The Other Side.’

A Tribute to Hans Holzer.
January 26, 1920 – April 26, 2009

Due in no small part to one of the greatest paranormal researchers and investigators of our time; a man that paved the way for many of us, including myself, to always speak the truth no matter what the consequence(s) – to never be afraid and to always be brave.

With this in mind I have decided after two years of careful consideration to share this with you now. The most important of which was the fact that he had spent his whole life trying to prove the existence of life after death and in the end, he was finally able to do just that.

He wanted people to know that all his hard work wasn’t in vain. I think it would be very selfish of me, or anyone, not to share the truth of this out of fear or because of embellishment to ones’ ego.

Hans Holzer conducted his research by a combination of scientific and metaphysical means; which included many well-known Trance Mediums in order to prove that life did indeed exist after death.

His passion was his motivation and what made him a leader in a field that was, and still is, very taboo.
He was an academic parapsychologist who taught parapsychology at the New York Institute of Technology.

There were three “dirty words” in his vocabulary: ‘belief, disbelief, and the supernatural.’

“Belief is the uncritical acceptance of something you can not prove, I work on evidence,” he once stated. “If it wasn’t for parapsychology, religion wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.”

He took his work very seriously. I was blessed to visit his home shortly before his death, where we talked about many things that will remain private but never forgotten – for many reasons I will not get into them here.
He was a very special man, and a feisty one at that! He made me smile.

He will always be a well-respected man and many of us will forever be grateful to him.


And so it Began..

I had traveled to see the rest of my team in Tampa, Florida – Haunted South Paranormal Research, otherwise known as ‘HSPR’ to conduct an investigation. When I got there however, I had no idea what I was in for. It was one of the most prized and most exciting moments of my life.

As soon as I arrived, I was anxious to test out one of their new pieces of equipment – the ‘Ghost Box.’ To be honest I had heard many things about this so-called ‘Ghost Box,’ both good and bad. I wanted to try it out for myself rather then being lead by others’ stories. What I found was amazing. I, along with other team members including Founder, Lisa Stevens, decided to set up all the equipment, including many voice recorders, a camcorder, and a few other devices such as the Dark Light and Gold Beryllium; a gift from Marcus Leader, as well as the infamous ‘Ghost Box’ the team had just acquired.

At first it just sounded like a bunch of racket to me and something I was willing to write off as complete nonsense right away. I could barely hear myself think as the channels changed. No sooner than when we decided it was time to turn it off, I clearly heard the name “HANS HOLZER” come through the speaker.

He had passed a couple of months prior to this. It was shocking to me and what made it even weirder was that it even sounded like him, Austrian accent and everything! I had met him while I was living in New York City and I was certain that it sounded like it was HIS voice, although other voices also seemed to speak for him at times. Straight after that we all heard, “Alex Holzer. Alex! Alex!”

-Alex is one of his daughters and at the time her and I would speak often. I wondered if he was asking me to let Alex know he was calling to speak to her. I struggled with what decision I should make. Was it ethical? Would I want to know? My answer was yes. I nervously decided to make the call to her and tell her what had just happened. She was astounded and delighted and asked me if there was a way she could somehow take part in it from NY? It was very late that night and she asked me if we could make a certain time for her to call the team the next day and try to make contact again. I agreed to try but I could not promise it would work and that maybe it was just a fluke, nevertheless I went back to the GB and asked for Hans to come forward to me, he did, and I told him that I had called Alex for him and could we all make an appointment to speak with him the next day at a certain time that was suitable. The answer was yes.

The very next day we all prepared for the reunion to take place and made sure that we had everything in order before the appointment time we had set up. Alex had never used a GB before and we spent a few minutes explaining it to her before switching her on to the speakerphone in the hopes that she and her father could have a conversation together. They Did.

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