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What is Direct Voice?

An Independent Direct Voice Medium is known to have many similar traits in which the main one is that of being a Physical Medium. Just like there are many different types of doctors or surgeons, there are also many different types of Mediums. For example, we have Trance Mediums, Psychic Mediums, Channeling Mediums, Physical Mediums.

In order to be able to experience Independent Direct Voice Communication, otherwise known as IDVC, one must be a Physical Medium, however, this does not mean all Physical Mediums are able to do IDVC.

Physical mediumship is defined as the manipulation of energies and energy systems by spirits. The spirit will tap into and use the energy of the Physical Medium in order to manifest or communicate in some way. Another main characteristic trait and helpful necessity is that the Medium be Clairaudient, also known as ‘Clear Hearing.’

During Independent Direct Voice Communication, the spirits will manipulate the energy of the Physical Medium and in turn use this energy to manifest physically and create a voice of their own. They will then use this voice to communicate independently without the use of the Mediums vocal cords; therefore the medium and spirit will be able to have a direct back and forth conversation in real-time. It should be made absolutely clear that the spirit voices are COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT of the IDVC Medium. The Medium is NOT ‘channeling,’ although the physical manifestations including the audible spirit voices tend to occur more frequently whilst the Medium is in a trance-like state or deep meditation.

Depending on the surrounding energy in general and that of the particular spirit attempting to communicate, others who are in the presence of the Medium may also hear the voice of the spirit(s) during contact. However, when using a recording device usually ALL voices are heard such as that of the Medium AND those of the spirit(s) present. The recording device is simply used so others may hear what the spirit may have said to the Medium if they were not able to hear the conversation themselves during the time of communication. It is absolutely NOT a part of IDVC itself and used only as a form for documentation, research, or validation purposes, and any recording device can and will do.


Sometimes the voices sound as clear and audible as yours and mine would whereas others sound much harder to hear and seem more disembodied and/or ambient in tone. This is similar to the voices picked up on some EVP recordings. It is my understanding through my own personal experiences and research that this is for several different reasons. One of which is the dependency on the energy of the spirit(s) that are attempting to communicate. Another main reason for this to occur is due to the level of what dimension the earthbound entity or spirit is attempting to communicate from.

Please feel free to listen to IDVC examples in the Direct Voice Recordings page.


EVP and IDVC research have absolutely nothing to do with one another. As explained above, due to the fact that spirit voices picked up on EVP recordings and those of IDVC recordings may sound similar in tone this will sometimes create confusion so I would like to clarify.

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. It is the use of audio equipment to capture voices and sounds of the dead where there are no physical presences in the area or room from which the recordings are being taken. Typically there is no voice heard to the people present during the session but after reviewing the audio there are strange sounds or voices recorded. If a spirit voice is heard at any other time audibly, recording or not recording, this would be called an ‘audible disembodied voice,’ neither of which is an example of Independent Direct Voice Communication.

Whilst listening to a recorded IDVC session, the Medium will not only be asking questions and receiving answers from the spirits just like you might expect to receive in the form of an EVP, but will also be ANSWERING the questions from the spirits themselves not the other way around. The Medium is actually hearing/seeing the spirit communicating and able to have a back and forth communication in real-time without any relapse or delay. It would be as if you were having a conversation with anyone of the living.

Another Independent Direct Voice Medium most known for his work is the late Leslie Flint.
Although I myself have never met Mr. Flint personally, it seems Leslie Flint worked very differently than I do. However, If you would like to learn more about Mr. Flint and his work, please visit his site by clicking here.

I do not not know of any other living or proven Independent Direct Voice Communication Mediums, although that is not to say that there aren’t any. I am sure there are many.

Many people ask me if this is something that can be learned. It is my opinion that unfortunately it can not be. For me at least it has always been a part of me, I just learned how to control it better, but in saying that I believe anyone can learn to be more intuitive or aware.

My advice? Educate yourself as much as possible by reading as much as you possibly can, then put it into practice by trusting in all that you have learned and then practice some more! And most importantly, be aware of all of your surroundings at all times and ‘listen.’

Thank you


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