Fresno Nightcrawler 5 (1)

The Fresno nightcrawler, also known as the Fresno alien, is a cryptid that has made two appearances so far, one in Fresno, California and the other in Yosemite National Park, also in California. In both sightings, it’s only seen in video footage. However, a man in Poland has also claimed to have seen the creature. Sightings The Carmel Area Creature The…

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Lizard Men 0 (0)

The term Lizard Men is not specific to one specific cryptid; instead it is used to describe a broad spectrum of bipedal hominid-like reptilian men, sometimes referred to as Homo-subterreptus. Sightings of Lizard Men are reported all over the globe, including the Intulo of South Africa, the Cherufe Lizard Man of South America, the New Jersey Gator Man and the Loveland Frogmen of Ohio, Lizard man…

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Battle of Los Angeles 3 (1)

The Battle of Los Angeles, also known as the Los Angeles Air Raid, was a strange battle that occurred in the early morning of February 25, 1942 over Los Angeles. It was the first time in history that an airborne enemy had been engaged in the continental United States. The incident occurred less than three months after…

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