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Written by Marcus Leader of Leader Scientific Research

Inspired by an article on EVPs and spirit communication in the October 1995 edition of Popular Electronics, Frank Sumption became fascinated with the concept of communication with the spirit world through electronic devices. He began experimenting with this phenomenon in 2002 from his Colorado home. Based on ideas given to him “telepathically” from Spirit, he created a device that would set the paranormal field on fire which came to be known as Frank’s Box.

Frank’s Box, also known as the Ghost Box, is basically a radio receiver with a random voltage controlled tuner that allows a continuous scanning of radio frequencies of the AM and more recently FM bands. The amplified radio signals coming out of the speakers generate an acoustic field of white noise with random sound bites from radio signals detected by the device. The result is an audio rich field which is ideal for EVP manifestations. In theory, a spirit or other extra-dimensional entity will use this audio field either during the amplification process within the circuitry of the device or just as the sound modulations leave the speaker, or both to form words. The exact energetic mechanics of the process has yet to be confirmed by researchers.

What is important to understand is that these auditory signals have multiple layers to them each capable of carrying words or entire conversations. It takes a bit of practice to be able to listen to the auditory streams coming from the device and separate them from the background sounds, but with a little practice, most everyone will be able to do this to some degree. Some individuals seem to have the ability to do this naturally and based on my experiences in working with Carly-Rose she is one such individual. Her keen hearing and mental abilities that separate and track tones have never ceased to amaze me.

The difference between the Ghost Box (Frank’s Box) and Independent Direct Voice Communication is that the Ghost Box is a true ITC device which stands for Instrumental Trans-Communication meaning communication between dimensional realities using equipment, whereas Independent Direct Voice Communication is a stand alone technique where spirits or entities use the energy field of an individual, (usually a physical medium), to create “spirit vocal chords” that manifest speech that seemingly come out of thin air.

While there are no experts in this field of research, there are several individuals who are conducting this research with the intention of bridging the gap between our world and the world of Spirit in hopes of helping others while bringing an understanding of this phenomenon.

Carly-Rose’s abilities allow her to separate and track tones like no other. But there is far more to her success rate with this device then just keen hearing. Carly-Roses physical mediumship abilities make her the top Independent Direct Voice Medium in the world today.

For more information on Frank’s Box (the ghost box) here is a link to one of the best articles I have ever come across on the subject written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

Marcus Leader

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