Spirit Well (Keith Johnson)

Spirit Well

In the southwest section of North Scituate, Rhode Island, some of the local residents may recall the legend of a supposed “spirit well”, which is said to be located just off of Plainfield Pike, between Carpenter and Nipmuc Roads. According to the legend, many years ago two children fell into this well and were drowned…and it is said that on moonlit evenings, the spirit of their mother can still be heard sobbing for her lost children.

Back in the 1970’s when I was an adolescent, a few of my friends and I would sometimes traverse this lonely stretch on moonlit nights. Although we never came across the legendary well or heard the ghostly sobbing,, we did perceive the odd sensation of being watched and even ‘followed’ by an unseen presence. Fleeting shadowy figures can also frequently be seen moving about in the darkened woods of this area.

Perhaps some knowledgeable individual reading this has also experienced something unusual in this particular area, and would like to share his or her experience!

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