On 21st June 1961 a voice manifested in the seance room of British medium Leslie Flint, claiming to be that of the late Mahatma Gandhi.


The voice said:

“Death is something which in your world is taboo! People are afraid to mention the word. They do not like to think about it. They run away from it. It is something they are afraid of because they know deep down in their hearts that it is a reality they must face eventually, and they are afraid of it because they are knowing deep down in themselves they are not fully prepared for it. They know so little about it and they are afraid to find out.
Fear dominates the hearts and minds of man. And we know that, unless something is done about this before it is too late, the disastrous consequences are so tremendous that one hardly dares to think about it.

Today your world stands on the bridge as it were of destruction. Anytime that bridge, which is in itself so unreliable that it is doubtful if it will sustain the weight that is placed upon it, because man himself, unconsciously, and in some ways consciously, has brought into being such a condition of confusion, such a condition of hatred and intolerance.

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