Fogartyville Cemetery Bradenton, FL

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This cemetery is quite old and is located in a nice part of town. It is known to be quite creepy at night and seems to have more fog than the surrounding neighborhood. The other cemetery that is located just west of this one has been neglected, while the main cemetery has been well kept. Many years ago, there was a slab with a crypt top. The crypt box had apparently cracked and allowed rain and natural water into the crypt with the coffin. The coffin was a nice watertight high-end job and it acted as a bobber and lifted the crypt top a couple of inches up. If you knew how to do it, you could stand by one corner of the top, and step on the corner, and “grave-water” would squirt out the other corner on an unsuspecting victim.

  • 4200 3rd Ave. NW
  • Bradenton, FL
  • (941) 746-1844

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