What Not to Do as a Ghost Hunter

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Many things that can happen in the course of a paranormal investigation, and not all of them are good. The list that follows offers some ideas and guidelines of things that you should avoid.

  • Never investigate alone. Investigations are not only more exciting with a team, they’re also much safer. Having other sets of hands allows you to have help during the investigation, gives you corroboration for anything strange that happens, and keeps you from walking into any problematic or volatile domestic situations at locations where you investigate. The only time investigating alone may be allowed is if the investigator has many years of experience and if the investigator’s team is also present somewhere at the location. If a bad situation does arise, the investigator can still contact someone for assistance.
  • Never eat or chew gum during EVP sessions. This seems like an obvious one, but you may be surprised. Eating or chewing gum while investigating is never a good idea, but it is even worse when trying to record credible EVP sessions.
  • Never bring children to an investigation. Team members for your investigation should always be made up of members over the age of 16. This is legally smart in many ways and safer for everyone involved.
  • Never review your evidence half-heartedly. If you are going to record hours of tape during an investigation, then you must watch all of it, often frame by frame. The same goes for your hours of EVP. It all must be listened to, and while it can be boring, it is a crucial part of the investigation.
  • Never drink alcohol or use drugs during an investigation. This can be dangerous in many ways, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually, as well.
  • Never trespass on private property. Always get clear and specific permission from the owners of private property before an investigation.
  • Never leave your cell phone on during an investigation. Text messages, phone calls, and sounds from your smart phone can contaminate your investigations and can be very distracting. In addition, Bluetooth connections and incoming calls and messages —even when your phone is switched to silent —can disrupt equipment and audio recordings with interference feedback.
  • Never bring disruptive people to an investigation. Never bring along anyone to an investigation who is not willing to take things seriously. Bringing someone who is loud, obnoxious, and disrespectful can ruin an investigation of even of the most actively haunted place.



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