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Ghost Box

THE GHOST BOX IN THEORY AND PRACTICE Written by Marcus Leader of Leader Scientific Research Inspired by an article on EVPs and spirit communication in the October 1995 edition of Popular Electronics, Frank Sumption became fascinated with the concept of communication with the spirit world through electronic devices. He began experimenting with this phenomenon in…

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Life lives on! Hans Holzer speaks from ‘The Other Side.’ A Tribute to Hans Holzer. January 26, 1920 – April 26, 2009 Due in no small part to one of the greatest paranormal researchers and investigators of our time; a man that paved the way for many of us, including myself, to always speak the…

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Tehran, 1976

The September 19, 1976, incident in Tehran, Iran, started much like many others, with phone calls from concerned citizens reporting a bright light in the sky. An F-4 fighter jet was sent out to investigate, but as it neared the object, its instruments blacked out, forcing the pilot to return to base. A second F-4…

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Levelland, 1957

In the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, there’s a famous scene where a UFO makes the electronics in a car go haywire. The real-life inspiration for that scene came from an incident in 1957, when dozens of citizens of Levelland, Texas, individually reported seeing a rocket or strange lights that interfered with their vehicles: Engines…

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Kenneth Arnold, 1947

The origin of today’s fascination can be traced back to civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold. While flying his small aircraft near Washington’s Mount Rainier on June 24, 1947, Arnold claimed to have seen nine blue, glowing objects flying fast—at an estimated 1,700 m.p.h.—in a “V” formation. He first believed the objects to be some sort of new…

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03 Of The Spookiest Urban Legends From Every State

Arizona: Slaughterhouse Canyon

Also known as Luana’s Canyon, Slaughterhouse Canyon tells the gruesome tale of a 19th-century gold miner who failed to come home to his family one night. Without his earnings, the mother and her children couldn’t buy food and began to starve. When she couldn’t stand it any longer, the wife chopped her kids into pieces,…

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