Inside Out House

The Inside-Out House has traveled across the country and still stands with test of time. Built in 1873 in Boston, the Inside-Out House was once the home to retired sea captain, Captain W. Pierce. This house is one of the first prefabricated houses in the US. It was shipped to Florida and reassembled in Altamonte Springs where is stood until 1973 when the Central Florida Society for Historical Preservation saved it from being demolished and relocated it to its current location within the Historic Longwood District. The house got its name from the exposed framing on the exterior that is bolted together in a shiplap style, very fitting for a retired sea captain. Previous residents of the home and visitors have claimed that the ghost of Captain W. Pierce and his cat, Brutus, still roam the halls. Cold spots, unknown voices, and footsteps have been reported. The Inside-Out House now operates as a giftshop, so you can stop by and look for a ghost and come home with a souvenir!

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