CASTLE PARK 3500 Polk St, Riverside, CA 92505

Castle Park

Many amusement parks have attracted some paranormal activity, and Castle Park in Riverside, CA, is no exception. Castle Park is a long-standing roadside attraction built in 1976 by the same ride designer behind Knott’s Berry Farm.

However, it is believed that at least part of Castle Park is built on top of what was once a Native American Indian burial ground, which probably explains why it is considered so haunted.

You might expect this to mean that the spirits here are Natives, and perhaps some of them are, but the most commonly sighted spirit here is the ‘lady in white.’ Park employees have been reporting her presence on the Plaza Cafe balcony for several years.

There are also reports of doors slamming after hours and other unexplained activity. One interesting thing that should be noted is that only male employees ever experience paranormal activity because all resident ghosts are female, and they enjoy pranking the men!

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