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Human consciousness can exist independent of brain-activity. 0 (0)

Human consciousness can exist independent of brain-activity. Reductionism/Epiphenomenalism has long been a pet notion of psychology, specially in behaviourism. Now that psychology’s own principles have been shaken after recent discoveries in genetics the idea that consciousness is merely an effect of brain-activity is being questioned again. Brain specialists, Prof. J.C.Eccles, Sir Cyril Burt, Dr.Wilder Penfield…

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PARAPSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH When the Society for Psychical Research (S.P.R.) was founded in 1882 research into phenomena and experiences suggesting personal survival of man after death took a high priority. Its findings were constantly under fire from the scientific establishment, which frowned even upon the notion psychical research being considered a science – after all paranormal…

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On 21st June 1961 a voice manifested in the seance room of British medium Leslie Flint, claiming to be that of the late Mahatma Gandhi. 5 (1)

The voice said: “Death is something which in your world is taboo! People are afraid to mention the word. They do not like to think about it. They run away from it. It is something they are afraid of because they know deep down in their hearts that it is a reality they must face…

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