868px Dorothy Arnold Portrait

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The disappearance of Dorothy Arnold was the most-talked-about scandal in 1910 Manhattan. A wealthy socialite, the 25-year-old aspiring writer went out one day, telling her mother she was going to buy a new evening gown. She ran into a friend, whom she told that she was going for a walk in Central Park. That was…

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Amelia Earhart Cockpit Airplane Lockheed Electra

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Everyone knows the famous story of Amelia Earhart, one of the greatest aviators of her time, who disappeared in 1937 in an attempt to fly around the world. The thing is, though, that that’s not the whole story. Her plane didn’t simply vanish, as everybody thought for years; naval ships were receiving radio transmissions from…

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John Bingham 7th Earl Of Lucan Pictured Working On The News Photo 1580299346

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In 1974, Lord Lucan (who was once considered for the role of James Bond) got fed up with battling his wife for custody of their three children, and with spying on them and recording their telephone conversations, and decided to simply bludgeon her to death in a darkened room. The problem with committing murder in a…

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Barbara Newhall Follett 0 (0)

Barbara Newhall Follett was a bit of a writing prodigy in the Jazz Age. She published a critically acclaimed novel at age 13. Everybody agreed that she would be the next great American writer, and she probably would have been, if it hadn’t been for her father. He ran off with a younger woman, leaving…

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INDIANA: Indiana Medical History Museum, Indianapolis 5 (2)

The Indiana Medical History Museum is located in the oldest surviving pathology building in the country. The Indianapolis museum recreates amphitheaters and laboratories that were once used by the Central State Hospital, which treated a variety of different mental health-related illnesses from 1848 until the late 1990s. The site is allegedly haunted by former patients.

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