Man’s psychic powers

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Man’s psychic powers

It is remarkable that in most predictions about discoveries anticipated in this century a breakthrough in parapsychology is not even mentioned or hoped for. Yet developing its ‘extra dimensional’ powers is the only way for mankind to overcome its isolation in the universe as a result of the space/time barrier. One has not woken up to the fact that there are no other means left. One may assume that advanced extraterrestrial civilisations will have developed precisely these powers.

Here with a summary of some of these faculties:

Telepathy. Almost everyone knows an instance of the so-called sixth sense, yet science pronounces that this power to be aware of someone else’s thoughts does not exist as it has no physical basis.
The same applies to clairvoyance – awareness of an object or event at a distance not through the normal senses.
Precognition – foreseeing an event in future.
Psychokinesis(PK) or mind over matter. Exercising power over objects outside of human physical reach. Levitation being one of these phenomena.
Bi-location A person being seen at two places at the same time.
Psychic healing. Healing that cannot be explained by normal means. Transmission of power.
Dowsing. The ability to feel the presence of underground water, ores etc.
Psychometry. The ability to pick up information about a person – past, present or future – by handling an object that belonged to him/her.

These widely reported supernatural abililities, which to my regret I cannot go further into here, cannot be attributed to the mere functioning of the physical brain.

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