Niagra Falls Hydroelectric

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Nikola Tesla was chosen over his rival, Thomas Edison, to create the hydroelectric power generator at Niagara Falls. Of the 12 patents used to construct the hydroelectric power plant, nine belonged to Tesla. The plant began to generate power in 1895. The following year, Tesla’s power plant was used to power the city of Buffalo,…

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The Deogen, also known as the De Ogen or The Eyes, is an evil spirit said to haunt the Sonian Forest in Belgium, often seen in fog form and followed by smaller shadow figures. The story, which is based on a series of true events, has become more of a campfire tale or urban legend with virtually no sightings in recent…

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La Belle Cemetery2

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La Belle Cemetery is a purportedly-haunted cemetery located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. The largest rumor of hauntings at the La Belle is the Nathusius Monument. It stands overlooking Fowler Lake. Manifestation Ghost running into a lake Statue crying blood Blood on statue’s palms Background The cemetery was first built in 1851, and was originally called Henshall Place,…

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Tesla Coil

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Throughout his storied yet tragic life, Nikola Tesla invented hundreds of devices and processes that changed our world, from the Tesla coil to the induction motor. Among the most famous of Nikola Tesla’s inventions, the Tesla coil forms the basis of much of his work. Tesla was highly intrigued by high-frequency electricity. He knew that…

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Poor Ann-Margret. As one of the leading sex symbols of the 1960s, the sultry Swedish singer, dancer, and actress was often typecast as a beautiful, yet worldly seductress. The press dubbed her a ‘sex kitten’. She starred opposite Elvis in the 1963 Bye Bye Birdie and the 1964 Viva Las Vegas which helped launched her to stardom. When she…

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