Bob Welch 0 (0)

Bob Welch was an extremely talented musician and songwriter who gained fame when he joined the iconic rock group, Fleetwood Mac, from 1971 to 1974. He also had a very successful solo career in the late 1970s, which produced his signature song, Sentimental Lady. His career fizzled a bit in the 1980s, which caused him to…

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Mongolian death worm 0 (0)

Mongolian death worm The Mongolian death worm (Mongolian: олгой-хорхой, olgoi-khorkhoi, “large intestine-worm”) is a creature alleged to exist in the Gobi Desert. Investigations into the legendary creature have been pursued by amateur cryptozoologists and credited academics alike, but there has been little evidence found to support its existence. It can be considered a Cryptid or a mythological animal. An interpretation of the Mongolian death worm…

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Old Cahawba Alabama

Cahawba, Alabama 4 (1)

Alabama’s first capital and famous ghost town takes its name from the state’s longest river, situated at the confluence of the Cahaba and the Alabama. It was abandoned after the Civil War, and its empty buildings, slave burial ground, and eerie cemeteries are now popular settings for ghost tours and stories of paranormal activity. The most famous tale is…

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