by Keith and Sandra Johnson
Article courtesy of NEAR Paranormal

Seances and Ouija Boards In a spiritual (and even psychological) sense, utilizing a Oiuja board, or participating in a seance, especially if one is “channeling”, is giving something which is unseen permission to take at least partial control over ones psyche and motor reflexes. It can be taken by some entities as an open invitation to invade ones life, to varying degrees. IndividualS who have experienced severe emotional trauma or who have low feelings of self-worth, or who may have suffered identity crises, are particularly vulnerable to this.

The chances of a parasitic entity entering an individual’s life through these methods (the same can obviously be said of automatic writing) are somewhat rare…but it only takes that one time for something to happen. If an individual has “crossed the line”, so to speak, and as a result is being harassed by such an entity, then the permission which was originally given must be taken away. The individual must adamantly make it clear that he or she does NOT want this spirit entity in their lives. This should be followed up with a “cleansing”, or spiritual blessing, during which one should have a special prayer recited over them, in faith, in accordance with their particular religious belief. If the person subscribes to no particular religious belief, then he or she must make a firm verbal proclamation that they absolutely will not further permit this invading entity into their lives, making certain to tell it to “depart now in peace.” The individual should then practice envisioning a white, protective light surrounding their entire body (especially before going to bed at night), until he or she feels comfortable, and confident that the entity is no longer giving them a problem.

Recommended Scripture/prayers: Psalm 23, Psalm 91, the Lord’s Prayer, and John, chapter 4, verses 1-3.

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