WHERE: Kicklighter Road & Root Street, Lake Helen, Florida 32744 | WHO: N/A

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The Devil’s Chair, Lake Helen-Cassadaga Cemetery – Cassadaga | Nestled just off Interstate 4 between DeLand and Deltona, the charming community of Cassadaga is known for its haunted history – especially the so-called “Devil’s Chair,” an allegedly haunted Florida landmark at Lake Helen-Cassadaga Cemetery. According to legend, if you sit in the huge brick chair at midnight, the Devil himself will make an appearance (and if you leave a can of beer on the Devil’s Chair, it will reportedly be empty the next morning!). A much less interesting (but significantly more plausible) story about the origins of the Devil’s Chair is that it was simply constructed as a “mourning chair” so visitors to the cemetery could sit and pay respects to their dearly departed loved ones. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and widely considered “The Psychic Center of the World,” Cassadaga was founded as a spiritualist community by George Colby in 1875. Other alleged haunted sites in Cassadaga include the landmark Cassadaga Hotel, which was constructed in 1928 and houses Sinatra’s Ristorante and a Psychic Center.

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