Robert the Haunted Doll, Fort East Martello Museum – Key West


Robert the Haunted Doll, Fort East Martello Museum – Key West | Built during the Civil War and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Fort East Martello in Key West is also home to Robert the Haunted Doll, one of the creepiest dolls in existence. The allegedly haunted doll once belonged to eccentric Key West artist Robert Eugene Otto (1900-1974), who used to blame the doll (which was reportedly given to him by a Bahamian servant girl) for all kinds of mischief. Visitors to the museum have reported not only seeing Robert the Doll move and change facial expressions, but also make giggling noises (don’t even think of taking a photo of Robert without asking his permission or you will experience bad luck, according to legend). In addition to Robert the Doll, Fort East Martello boasts such eclectic artifacts as the scrap metal junk sculptures of Stanley Papio and the Key West folk art of Mario Sanchez. By the way, the former home of Robert Otto now operates as a bed & breakfast called The Artist House (which is also believed to be haunted!). Other alleged haunted sites in Key West include the Key West Cemetery, Captain Tony’s Saloon, La Concha Hotel and Fort Zachary Taylor.

WHERE: 3501 South Roosevelt Boulevard, Key West, Florida 33040 | WHO: (305) 296-3913

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