Turns Out Aliens ARE Real, What Now?


Apparently, aliens are real, or at least their modes of transportation. According to the mainstream media, the US government is ready to admit they have been aware of and studying what they call “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena,” or UAP, for a while now.

Since the 1960s, our culture has had an enduring interest in deep space and extraterrestrial life, but this has grown to a new level with these recent revelations.

What should followers of Jesus make of this? It can be easy to dismiss, but many atheists think we should be deeply concerned, believing that the discovery of alien life would be the end of religion.

Is that true?

Even if aliens turn out to be real (and I’m skeptical), I am not concerned. God could have created other living beings outside of our planet and that wouldn’t change what I believe. It’s not automatically impossible simply because I don’t understand it. I know that God is good and fair, and I trust that if there are other beings out there, God’s got a plan for them too.

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