Standards & Protocols

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Standards & Protocols are guidelines that ensure professionalism on a ghost hunting adventure. We strongly encourage you to follow them.

Ask the spirits/ghosts for permission to take their photos.
No smoking during an investigation.
No alcohol, drugs before, during an investigation.
No Ouija boards or séances.
Always conduct your investigations in a professional manner.
Respect posted property, ask permission, and do not trespass.
Show reverence and respect in cemeteries, battlefields, etc.
You remember the rules from elementary school:
See trash? Pick it up. No running or horse play, etc….
Positive Mental Attitude is important for all investigations.
Skeptical minds will generate negative energy during an investigation.
Do not take photographs during weather conditions.
Rain, mist, fog, snow, wind & dust, etc
Avoid shooting when foreign objects are floating near camera.
Do not take photos from moving vehicles on dusty roads.
Do not take photos while walking on dusty roads.
Clean all dust, spots, and fingerprints from camera lens.
Keep fingers away from the lens of the camera.
Remove or wear the camera strap so it does not hang loose.
Avoid shooting under these conditions:
Into the Sun resulting in lens flare
With the flash pointed at shinny and/or reflective surfaces
Flash is only good for 9-12 feet from camera so focus on that range.
Keep long hair tied back and away from the lens of the camera.
Always use fresh audio tapes for EVP recordings.
Compare anomalous prints with negatives for confirmation.
Follow lunar cycles for conducing investigations for best results.

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