THE MISSION INN & SPA 3649 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501

The Mission Inn Hotel

The majority of people will agree that when it comes to the most haunted locations in Riverside, CA, The Mission Inn will always top the list! It is not only one of the city’s most famous landmarks but also one of its most haunted buildings! It was originally built back in 1878.

It spans several blocks and is a stunning Mediterranean-style resort full of spiral staircases, towers, courtyards, and flying buttresses. It is a beautiful building in its own right before you even look at the ghosts!

The Mission Inn is haunted by Frank and Alice Miller, the son and the daughter of the original owner, C.C. Miller. It is claimed that both of them are wandering the Mission Inn hallways and that they haunt many of the rooms.

Alice’s room on the fourth floor and Frank’s room in the NorthEast corner are said to be particular hotspots for the paranormal activity, as are the bridal suite, room number 215, and the catacombs that run beneath the inn!

Some of the most common paranormal activity reported at The Mission Inn include guests being touched or pushed, cell phones failing, floating blue lights, and the sound of Alice singing!

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