Panasonic RR-DR60 IC Recorder was launched in the mid-1990s.

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It was one of the first digital audio recorders to hit the market, taking over from the classic micr…

A “legend”? The Panasonic RR-DR60? What makes a legend? A Recorder that sells for $1200? we don’t think so! This is an opinion piece, not made to denigrate anyone who believes in this product. First, of all, they are no longer made. It is an old model (originally sold for $30). Some people feel this model is the ultimate! Could it be that upon closer inspection, this holy grail creates so much internal noise that people believe they hear voices in the mess it creates. Progress in the field, must raise the standard. To be honest, the EVPs created by the RR_DR60 are horrible. They sound like garbled nonsense. We have strict standards for our acceptable EVPs. As Investigator,
Flip Searles, says “when in doubt, throw it out”. The EVPs we rate as Class A, are crystal clear. They are 1, or at most 2-4 words. They are not long sentences that you will find as examples of DR60 recordings. Usually, words are put beneath the noise. If you are honest, the “words” are jumbled & misinterpreted as words, when they are plain static noise. Twist & Autumn work tirelessly, to distinguish & often debunk EVPs we capture. We don’t even recognize Class C’s as anything worthwhile. So, if you see a DR 60 at a yard sale, sometime, buy it for the $5, $10 or even $50….AND, then sell it for $1200 on ebay!


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