Pedro the Pygmy

Pedro the Pygmy, sometimes referred to as the San Pedro Mummy, is a strange humanoid corpse that was unearthed in 1932 by two prospectors. The story begins in October of 1932 when two prospectors (Cecil Mayne and Frank Carr) looking for gold blasted into some rock in the San Pedro Mountains in Wyoming. After the blast,…

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Black Eyed Children

The infamous Black Eyed Children are beings that resemble eerie kids with pale white skin and pitch black eyes going around asking their victim for seemingly harmless favor. Usually these involve asking the person if they can come in the house or car their victim is currently in. Because they usually have to be invited to come…

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The Wallula Treasure

In 1859, gold was discovered in Idaho, and Wallula was the jumping off point for miners headed to the gold fields. From Wallula they headed east (or returned) on Dorsey Baker’s Walla Walla and Columbia Line. It was also known as the Rawhide Railroad, because according to early travelers, the original rail lines were made…

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