Alien Abduction Video: Betty and Barney Hill Abduction


The Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction case is one of the most important and famous alien abduction cases in history. One of the prime reasons for Betty and Barney Hill being so important is that their case of alien abduction was the firs recorded case of a claim of alien abduction in the history of the United States.

Betty and Barney Hill were traveling home from a vacation in Canada on the evening of September 19, 1961. Their alien encounter began when they Groverton, New Hampshire. It was at this point that Betty and Barney saw a bright light in the star. At first Betty and Barney Hill wrote the light off as a shooting star or something similar such as a communication satellite which could be easily explained.

They drove a bit further and then decided to stop to walk their dog and get a better look at this light in the sky. Barney Hill took a pistol out from the trunk of his car because the area was known to have a bear population and thought it was a good idea to protect himself and his dog.

When Barney Hill got back into the car and started to drive the light grew closer to them and then they could start to see that the light was actually a saucer like UFO in the sky. The UFO moved in sky along with the car as if it was tracking them.

Barney Hill then tried to out drive the UFO by swerving and driving erratically. It was at this point that both Betty and Barney Hill heard a beeping sound. They heard the beeping sound again but when they heard it they were 35 miles down the road from when they heard the first beep but they didn’t notice any change in time.

After they arrived home both Betty and Barney Hill felt restless and very paranoid. This continued for some time and it caused them to search out explanations of what happened to them during their alien encounter.

In their quest to explain what happened, both Betty and Barney Hill went through hypnosis and it was under this hypnosis that the true story of what happened to them came out.

Luckily for everybody interested in proof aliens exist the Betty and Barney Hill hypnosis was recorded. These audio recordings have been released and they are truly fascinating to hear.

These videos are copies of a recent radio show that explored the Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction and also in these videos they play the Betty and Barney Hill hypnosis tapes. Amazing stuff and you really need to hear it.

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