MOREY MANSION 90 Terracina Blvd; Redlands, California 92373

Morey Mansion

Morey Mansion sits just outside Riverside, and you can spot it a mile away! The 1890 mansion is built in the Queen Ann Victorian style and has been described by many as particularly garish to look at! It was originally built by David and Sarah Morey but was once owned by Carol Lombard.

The Morey Mansion was turned into a bed and breakfast in 1985 and remained so until 2010 when it reverted to a private residence. However, it is still home to the original owners, who both died in the house!

Sarah Morley died under tragic circumstances in 1901, and David committed suicide shortly after her passing. Sarah’s initials appear in unexpected places, especially in the ornate decorations. There are also reports of strange orbs, ghostly lights, and unexplained hot and cold spots in various parts of the house.

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