LINDA VISTA HOSPITAL, BOYLE HEIGHTS Linda Vista Hospital, 610-30 St. Louis Street, Los Angeles, California

Linda Vista Hospital

The Linda Vista Hospital in Boyle Heights, LA, built in 1904, has a long history and a growing reputation as the most haunted hospital in Los Angeles. The structure was used for many decades as a hospital and was used as a building to suit the needs of employees of the railroad.

By 1991, no longer useful or functioning, the hospital closed its doors and remained empty for many years. While it sat empty, many paranormal investigators visited the site to see if the claims of activity were legitimate.

Investigators found countless ghosts, many of who are believed to be former staff members of the hospital from its early years, as well as patients that passed in the hospital, roaming the halls. Some of the findings claim that some of the spirits that remain tied to the former hospital are not the nicest spirits. Some even toy with people that venture into the building.

The structure has such a creepy factor to it; it can be seen in the films, Insidious and Day of the Dead. The Ghost Adventures crew investigated here and found some compelling evidence.

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