Incredibly Expensive Things Can Only Be Found in Dubai

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The city of Dubai has evolved into one of the world’s most architecturally and technologically advanced cities in just a few decades. The citizens of the futuristic city have a taste for the more luxurious things that life has to offer.

The UAE, and Dubai in particular, attracts tons of celebrity travelers every year, such as Robert De Niro, the Kardashians, and pretty much every Instagram influencer worth their weight in likes. The city, which has a GDP of $108 billion, boasts incredible resorts, marine-life parks, skyscrapers, and artificial islands. The ultramodern architecture and man-made landscape contrast nicely with all of the natural flora and fauna in the area.

For those able to afford the luxe lifestyle, Dubai locals are able to indulge themselves in everything from 24-karat gold desserts to exotic pets that belong in zoos. Given the right amount of money, there are not many things that Emiratis are not able to purchase. The following are just a handful of life’s hidden pleasures that one can find perhaps only in Dubai.

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