Arizona Ghost Paranormal Investigators


GhostLand Paranormal Investigators
web: http://Ghostlandhauntingsaz.com
email: ManyHorsesAZ@gmail.com
phone: 9282733053
service area: 86301
Friends of the Other Side
web: http://www.friendsoftheotherside.org
email: friendsotherside@gmail.com
service area: Phoenix, AZ
Creatures of the Night Paranormal
web: http://www.ibelieveinghosts.com
email: wendyannschultz@gmail.com
phone: 901-486-9871
service area: Southern Arizona
Global United Paranormal Foundation
web: http://www.globalunitedparafound.com/
email: globalunitedparanorma@gmail.com
phone: 6025830846
service area: Phoenix
Lone Wolf Para Investigations
web: http://gregpawlak.wix.com/ghostblog
email: gregpawlak@thebestofhairradio.com
phone: 323-251-6431
service area: Phoenix Arizona
Truth and Life Paranormal
web: https://truthandlifeparanormal.wordpress.com
email: truthandlifetv@gmail.com
service area: Phoenix and surrounding states
AZ Paranormal Team
web: http://www.AZParanormalTeam.com
email: AZParanormalTeam@gmail.com
phone: 785-632-0131
service area: central Arizona/Arizona
Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society
web: http://azpirs.com/
email: vinnie@azpirs.com
service area: State of AZ
Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society (PAPS)
web: https://www.phoenix-arizona-paranormal-society.com
email: casemanager@phoenix-arizona-paranormal-society.com
service area: Phoenix
CDP Investigations
web: http://cdpinvestigations.com
email: Lostnsin@yahoo.com
phone: 5209653445
service area: Tucson
ParaZona Research
web: https://parazona.wordpress.com/
email: parazona.research@yahoo.com
service area: Phoenix Valley
Phoenix Scientific Paranormal Investigations
web: http://phxspi.com
email: phxspi@gmail.com
phone: 623-218-8845
service area: Arizona
Entity Voices Paranormal Investigations
web: http://entityvoices.com
email: contact@entityvoices.com
service area: Most of Arizona
Tucsons finest paranormal
web: http://www.tucsonsfinestparanormal.blogspot.com
email: dan98520@gmail.com
phone: (520)784-9713
service area: Tucson

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