Hollywood’s famous sign is said to be haunted.

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The deathstyles of the rich and famous are part of the folklore of Hollywood. Even the hillside around Hollywood’s famous sign is said to be haunted. Peg Entwistle, a young starlet who leapt to her death from the top of the letter “H”, is still reported walking around on the wooded hillside. The Beverly Hills area is home to a lot of rich people (and spoiled kids), and not a few ghosts still call it home too. In the late 1970’s there were frequent reports of encounters with the ghosts of John, Lionel, and Ethyl Barrymore by visitors to their former mansion, high in the Hollywood hills. More recent are reports of the wandering specter of a man who was killed in a private cable car on the property. The Barrymore Estate is at 6 Beverly Grove, Beverly Hills, CA, 90212.

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