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Arizona Ghost Paranormal Investigators 5 (1)

Arizona GhostLand Paranormal Investigators web: http://Ghostlandhauntingsaz.com email: ManyHorsesAZ@gmail.com phone: 9282733053 service area: 86301 Friends of the Other Side web: http://www.friendsoftheotherside.org email: friendsotherside@gmail.com phone: service area: Phoenix, AZ Creatures of the Night Paranormal web: http://www.ibelieveinghosts.com email: wendyannschultz@gmail.com phone: 901-486-9871 service area: Southern Arizona Global United Paranormal Foundation web: http://www.globalunitedparafound.com/ email: globalunitedparanorma@gmail.com phone: 6025830846 service area: Phoenix…

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Southern Ghost Girls Fa61dcc3 8df9 4182 8bc9 8657dcc53447

Alabama Ghost Hunting groups 5 (1)

The Warren Legacy Foundation for Paranormal Research web: http://warrenlegacy.com email: hlandon@warrenlegacy.com phone: service area: International Team – Worldwide Alabama Spirit Communications and Research web: http://www.scareofal.com email: kim@scareofal.com phone: 2057891927 service area: AL, MS, GA, TN Southern Paranormal Society NC web: http://www.southernparanormalsocietync.com email: phone: service area: North Carolina Tuscaloosa Paranormal Research Group web: http://www.tuscaloosaparanormal.com email: dhigdon1966@yahoo.com…

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Margot Kidder 0 (0)

In 1996 Margot Kidder – best known for playing Lois Lane in the Christopher Reeve Superman films – disappeared for four days before being found incoherent, disheveled, and missing two front teeth in a stranger’s backyard. Kidder’s behavior mystified many, until she finally revealed that she’d been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had initially refused…

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Kurt Cobain 1991 Cropped Aa7e869bee

Kurt Cobain 0 (0)

The fact that Nirvana lead singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain died by suicide is relatively common knowledge, but what many may not know is that the 90s icon had disappeared before his death. For several days before his death, Cobain was completely MIA to all those in his life, to the point where his wife Courtney Love…

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Grunge F4e6754976

Phillip Taylor Kramer 5 (1)

Phillip Taylor Kramer was once a member of the successful 1960s rock & roll band Iron Butterfly (known for the hit “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”) before leaving music behind for the world of science. By 1995, Kramer had become a respected aerospace engineer, and allegedly discovered a formula for “transmissions at ‘faster than light’ speed”… which his family…

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Heinrich Muller B3f180a5c9

Heinrich Muller 0 (0)

Henrich Muller was one of the most infamous members of Hitler’s Third Reich during World War II. The sadistic chief of the Gestapo, Muller helped “advance false information used in the justification of invading Poland as well as helping to carry out the Holocaust” among other crimes. He was last seen shortly after Hitler took…

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History Alcatraz 74a1018d49

Frank Morris 0 (0)

Unlike many of the other entries on our list, Frank Morris’s fame is directly attributable to his disappearance. Morris was a career criminal who was convicted for numerous crimes throughout his life including armed robbery and narcotics possession, all despite having an above average  IQ of 133.  By 1960, Morris found himself locked up in the…

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Db Cooper Wanted Poster 989446ce0d

D.B. Cooper 0 (0)

The most famous person to have ever disappeared in American history also may have never existed. A man calling himself D.B. Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 traveling  between Portland and Seattle on November 24, 1971. After he had the plane stop at Seattle-Tacoma airport to collect $200,000 in ransom and four parachutes, the alleged Cooper…

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