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What Else is There?

by SR Trujillo

If you spend much time researching the paranormal you find that at the very edges of our body of evidence, Ufology and ghost research start to overlap.

Mediums report the presence of entities that don’t seem to be human or demonic. Investigators have become very adept at deciphering the difference, too, and many are reporting encounters with beings that refuse to identify themselves.

Psychic Medium Sunny Rosario, in Denver, Colorado says that in her work she has encountered tall, skinny shadow beings. These beings present lighter in shade and depth than shadow beings normally associated with demonic hauntings.

“I can never get them to interact with me. Demonic shadow beings and shadow figures who were human present differently. These guys, on the other hand, are adept at blocking me from understanding their energy at all. It’s like staring a concrete wall,” she says. “Sometimes they feel likes spies.”

Rosario is not a UFO researcher. She is just a medium, one of many, who reports encounters with beings that could possibly be alien. Similar to much “evidence” within the living body that is paranormal research, these claims are based on the personal experiences of paranormal professionals alone. There isn’t an easy way to validate the claims of these individuals, no matter how highly esteemed they are within the paranormal research community.

The reports continue to pile up, however. Some people claim that aliens actually interact with them.

A woman named Heidi Hollis wrote a number of books about her experiences with aliens. She claims that she and her college roommate were both contacted by aliens who wanted to communicate about the state of affairs on Earth today. Hollis says she was told (by an alien) that there are different types of aliens and some of them are very nasty, seeking to destroy humans. She also says that many of the targets of these attacks by aliens, are stalked by aliens for years. These aliens, she says, show up as dark shadow figures. New theories speculate that many shadow figures have been misidentified by paranormal professionals over the years as ghosts or demons. They may have actually been alien energy beings.

Psychic mediums and paranormal investigative teams make unlikely UFO researchers. The conversation around ghosts and demons has made its way around to aliens more than a few times. Are sensitives and college students really encountering aliens in their day-to-day lives? Mediums, investigators and a few unlikely researchers around the US say yes.



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