Where Do the Voices on EVP Come From?


Where Do the Voices on EVP Come From?

That, of course, is the mystery. No one knows. Some popular theories are:

  • They are voices of the dead. This is why many researchers go to cemeteries seeking EVPs (often with great success). In this context, the phenomenon is sometimes called instrumental transcommunication or ITC.
  • They are from another dimension. It’s theorized that there may be many dimensions of existence, and somehow beings from some other dimension are able to speak and communicate with ours via ECP. A pertinent question, however, is how do they know English and other languages of our dimension?
  • They come from the researchers’ own subconscious. It’s been suggested that somehow the researchers’ thoughts are projected onto the tape.
  • The voices are angelic or demonic in origin.
  • It’s a hoax. Skeptics assert that there is nothing to EVP at all—that the “voices” are either faked, random noise interpreted as voices, real voices already on the tape, or voices picked up from radio, cell phone, or other sources.

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