The Bunny Man

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We’ll start with the legend behind this one. The unsubstantiated legend holds that, in 1904, a bus crashed while transferring patients from an asylum in Fairfax County, Virginia. The patients escaped, and all but one were eventually re-captured. Shortly after the bus breakdown, dead bunnies started appearing around the area, many hanging from the Fairfax Station Bridge. Yikes.

But none of that has been proven true, and historians claim that it actually can’t be, because there were no asylums in Fairfax County in 1904. What is true is that in 1970, a pair of mysterious and scary incidents occurred in that area involving a man dressed in a bunny suit. A young couple was taking a nighttime drive when a man dressed in a white bunny suit hurled an ax at their car (while it broke their car window, neither of them was hurt). Only two weeks later, another Fairfax County man discovered an ax-wielding guy in a bunny suit chopping up the porch of a recently built, unoccupied house. He was gone by the time the police arrived. The real-life Bunny Man was never apprehended, and Fairfax Station Bridge has been all but renamed Bunny Man Bridge. The name is so popular that even Google Maps uses it.

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