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It’s well known that St. Augustine, America’s oldest city, is one of the most haunted places in the country. Less common knowledge, though, is that one man, in particular, is behind many of St. Augustine’s most notorious paranormal hotspots. Henry Flagler, known as the father of Miami and the founder of West Palm Beach, is one of the most important figures in the history of the state of Florida. It’s largely due to his tireless quest for development, expansion, and improvement that the Atlantic coast of Florida is home to the bustling metropolises that it is today. When Flagler, a wealthy oil tycoon, first visited St. Augustine in 1883, he felt the area was beautiful but lacking in modernized hotels and transportation. From that moment on, Flagler abandoned his day-to-day affairs in the oil industry and set his sights on Florida as his next great development project.

Because of Flagler’s tireless work in the area, many of the buildings that are considered to be paranormal hotspots have direct ties to Flagler and his family. Check out these locations in St. Augustine, Florida that are haunted (literally and figuratively) by the spirit of Henry Flagler!

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