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Afterlife- The belief that the human soul or spirit survives after it leaves the body from cause of death. How the spirit survives will depend on which culture you are referring to.

All Hollows Eve(Halloween) – This day of dressing up in costumes and passing out candy on October 31st started out as a pagan festival of the dead. This night is still believed by many to be the night when spirits, demons, and other supernatural beings are at their strongest.

Angels – In Christian belief, angels are Gods messengers, and protectors of mankind. Angels are creatures between God and man that work as intervenor’s.

Apparition – A paranormal related, visual appearance of a dead person, living person, or beast. For more information, visit the Apparitions page.

Automatic writing- A form of writing that is done when a persons conscience is in a spiritual state and their writings origin is of the messages of spirits from another dimension. The person writing obtains the information through the help of ESP.

Automatism – in paranormal terms it means for someone to be guided by a spirit physically in order to send a message or information of importance. It can be in many forms such as painting,drawing,talking, and even automatic writing.

Banshee – An omen spirit of Ireland an Scotland that are always female. She appears to warn of a future death in a family. Mostly in family’s thats surnames start with “O” or “Mac”. It is said that the Banshee appears flying and of course singing as banshees are also well known for.

Channeling – Communication of automatic writing or speech with all kinds of spiritual beings or even with a Higher self. It is achieved by being in a trance of some kind.

Clairvoyance – The paranormal sight of things, people, or events which is a form of ESP (extrasensory perception) . for more go to the ESP page.

Demons- Both evil and good spirits that can and do intervene with mankind. Demons are also defined as the workers of Satan’s will, tempting humans to sin against God.

Doppelganer(Double) – A mystical double or copy of the person who sees it. This phenomena is usually to scale of the person it’s copying but a lot of the time just the face, head, and body are viewed.

Ectoplasm – A strange, paranormal material that flows out of any orifice and opening of a mediums body during a seance, or contact with the dead.

EVP(Electronic Voice Phenomena) – The recording of spirit voices on audio tape.

Exorcism – The removal of a demon, ghost, or other spiritual being from the body of a human being.

Esp(Extrasensory Perception)- Any of the five senses working on a paranormal level. To learn more go to the ESP page.

Ghost – A spirit of a deceased human or animal that remains on earth.

Ghost Hunting – The investigation or search of ghosts, poltergeists, apparitions, or any other paranormal activity for fun, science, or ghost removal.

Ghost lights – Strange, paranormal lights that have no scientific explanation, usually appearing n remote areas. To learn more read the Ghost lights page.

Gray ladies- These are ghosts that are gray in color and are of deceased, usually noble women that had died or have been killed violently in relations to love or are searching for their lost love.

Haunting- A location repeatedly experiencing the presence of a ghost or spirit.

Ideoplasty-The theory that sitters in a seance can effect the occurring phenomena by unknowingly sending their thoughts and expectations of what will happen to the medium. The medium will then create what was expected by the group.

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