Miami Ghost Chronicles

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Miami Ghost Chronicles

Miami, FL 33177


Contact Name Marlene Pardo
Phone 305-520-9435
Email Email
Website Website
Facebook Facebook
Twitter Twitter @MiaGhostChron
Year Founded 1998
Number of Members 3
Areas Served
Immediate response in the South Florida, all of Florida and rest of U.S.A remotely. 
Welcome, we have been conducting paranormal research as freelance investigators since 1999. We have worked with various paranormal groups across the United States, in scientific investigations and psychic verification endeavors through psychometry and photo cold reads.Throughout the years we have collected many urban legends, folklore and first hand accounts of ghostly experiences and paranormal adventures.

Miami Ghost Chronicles (MGC) is a volunteer research group staffed by professional investigators, who are experts in the fields of paranormal phenomena.

MGC has visited many of the most well known haunted locations in the USA, some of them are listed in our investigation pages, however the majority of the most disturbing encounters remain private in order to honor the requests of the individuals and families involved.


Are you experiencing strange and what you suspect are occurrences with a supernatural origin in your home or around you? Maybe this has been happening to you for a while (wherever you live), and you just want to get some answers.Contact professional investigators, with a graduate level education in psychology and human behavior as well as years of solid experience in the paranormal field. Your confidentiality is assured. Just browse through the pictures of some of our investigations, these are only a small sample of the investigations that Miami Ghost Chronicles has handled. We are not Johnny-Come-Lately as paranormal investigatiors, We have been working in this field since the 1990s, long before it became so mainstream and popular in the reality TV arena.

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