Los Rios Street


A lady with long, dark hair wearing a white gown stares at you from beneath a pepper tree in San Juan Capistrano. Speculation runs wide regarding her identity. Some say she was once a convicted killer, others say a witch or even La Llorona, the traveling spirit from Mexico looking for her lost children. There are so many possibilities in downtown San Juan Capistrano, which is home to a host of paranormal activity according to Matt Harvey, founder of the California Ghost Hunters. To him the Lady in White is part of a greater whole, perhaps connected to the nearby Mission San Juan Capistrano.

“This is a great example of California’s rich history,” Harvey says. “It has a mix of Spanish and Indian history and all the legends and culture they bring. Their presence stays with us and that’s why it is so active here.”

Find the pepper tree located along Los Rios Street near the railroad tracks in downtown San Juan Capistran

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