Frank Morris

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Unlike many of the other entries on our list, Frank Morris’s fame is directly attributable to his disappearance. Morris was a career criminal who was convicted for numerous crimes throughout his life including armed robbery and narcotics possession, all despite having an above average  IQ of 133.  By 1960, Morris found himself locked up in the legendary Alcatraz penitentiary in San Francisco. In 1962, Morris and two other inmates – brothers John and Clarence Anglin – escaped from the island prison, and into the waters of San Francisco Bay. Prison officials insisted the three drowned, but without any bodies, many believed that they had successfully made it to land. In 2013, a letter was sent to the San Francisco Police from someone claiming to be John Anglin. The letter claimed that all three had all escaped from Alcatraz in June 1962 and  that Morris had died in 2008.

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