Florida Paranormal Society


Florida Paranormal Society

Clearwater, FL 33759


Contact Name Evan Pedone
Phone 727-459-5543
Email Email info@floridaparanormalsociety.com
Website Website www.floridaparanormalsociety.com
Facebook Facebook www.facebook.com/florida.paranormal.society
Founder Evan Pedone
Year Founded 2014
Number of Members 6
Areas Served
Domestic and International Society. The Florida Paranormal Society is based in Florida but will travel worldwide. 
Investigate phenomena, myth, legend, lost cities, cryptozoological creatures, extraterrestrial encounters, ufos, and anything related to the paranormal. 
This is a scientific society based on sound evidence that performs expeditions into the unknown. All are welcome to join us including skeptics as well as believers. Together we can uncover the truth.

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