El Verde Creature


The El Verde Creature is a strange humanoid cryptid that was reportedly encountered at 9:00 PM in El Verde, Puerto Rico, in October 1973.

Ana Dominguez and Jose Alemar, accompanied by their daughter and several others, were visiting an area near where their youngest son Jose Jr. had mysteriously disappeared 3 months before. While Jose was in a nearby ranch house, Ana and her daughter stayed in the car. Suddenly from the left side of the car, they both heard what they thought was Jose’s voice, saying loud and clear; “Negra open the car door, I’m back.” The voice repeated the same thing again, and suddenly the girl pointed at something outside the car. Ana Dominguez then saw a terrifying looking being standing outside the car, leaning on the windshield and looking in.

The creature was described as tall, thin, with a huge egg shaped head, long pointy ears, and two huge black oval shaped eyes. The being was leaning on the windshield and had placed a “hand” on it. The hand was long and skinny, with three long thin fingers, somehow resembling those of a chicken claw. No other facial features could be seen, since it was dark outside.

Possible Explanations
There are several explanations as to what the creature could be. Theories include:

An undiscovered species (a Cryptid)

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