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by Tina Carlson –
Article courtesy of South Jersey Ghost Rsearch


A question that often is asked in Shadowlands email is “How Do I Talk to Ghost? I want to contact them.”

I usually advise waiting until a ghost contacts you. There are several ways that a ghost will do this. Through our dreams being one of the most common. When we are asleep our mind is open to many things that we may not consider possible while awake. Ghost communication is one of these. Many times a spirit will use this avenue as it is less frightening to us also. So if you dream of a past loved one with a peculiar message, they might actually be visiting you in your dreams. We have also received stories of ghosts using others means to communicate beyond our dreams. Phone calls are becoming more common from the afterlife, sometimes without us even knowing the loved one has passed yet. These phone calls are generally short and to the point giving information, love and hope in times when we need it most. There are many other ways that a ghost tries to communicate with the living from a feeling of not being alone, to messages being written, or words being whispered in the night.

The thing to keep in mind however is to try to be patient and wait for the ghost to contact you, which they will if they have a message for you, or you are involved in the reason they are still here and haven’t moved on to the next realm of existence. If you feel a loved one is trying to communicate you and find you cannot wait please do not try to take matters in your own hands. Find an experienced and highly recommended psychic or medium to help you make contact. It is never a good idea to use devises or rituals that manipulate ghosts such as Ouija Boards, seances, or automatic writing, all these procedures can be dangerous in untrained hands and can attract the attention of someone or something other than the loved one you are trying to contact. Psychics, and mediums know the proper and safest ways to use these tools and can help you make the contact with the proper ghost in the huge world of the afterlife. If you feel the ghost is not a loved one but you still wish to find out who it may be or why, then please do research into your home or area to find out what events may have transpired to lead to who and why a ghost is still here. Many times just checking with your local library or newspaper will give enough information to help you determine who may be haunting a particular area.

Above all if you feel you are involved with the reason a ghost is still here or they wish you to help them, they will let you know in their own time. The hardest thing to do sometimes is be patient while you wait for them to reveal their reasons to you. These are just some of my thoughts. As always I welcome yours in email.

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