Zanfretta’s Aliens

The Zanfretta’s Aliens sighting was a bizarre extraterrestrial sighting that took place on the evening of December 6, 1978, at about 6:30 PM. The witness was a 26-year old night watchman named Pier Zanfretta. According to Zanfretta’s report, he was negotiating the dangerously icy roads in his patrol car, en route to the currently unoccupied country home…

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The Smiling Man

Indrid Cold, commonly known as The Smiling Man, is an allegedly humanoid entity. The nickname comes from the being’s tendency to smile to almost everyone that encountered him. It is said that he still visits West Virginia to this day Description The Grinning Man is reported to be human-like in appearance, though is commonly associated with UFO activity and is…

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Kinnula Humanoid

The Kinnula Humanoid sighting is a extraterrestrial sighting that took place in the evening of February 2, 1971. At approximately 8 pm., two Finnish women, Sinikka Kuittinen and one Mrs. Manninen, were driving from Kuusamo towards Oulu (in a region near Kiiminki) when they spied a strange light behind their car on the right side of the…

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Parana Creature

The Parana Creature was the name given to a strange animal carcass that was discovered by firefighters on October 21 near the shore of the Parana River in Carmen del Paraná, Itapúa. Appearance The creature appears to be slightly over a foot long from head to toe. It is frog-like in form, but also monkey-like,…

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Black Stick Men

The Black Stick Men are a species of strange humanoid beings rarely seen by humans. They are often described as being similar to typical cartoon stick men, making them some of the strangest beings ever encountered Appearance Black Stick Men are often described as being exactly identical to the typical cartoon stick man: tall, thin, and black…

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Solar Plexus Clown Gliders

Solar Plexus Clown Glider (SPCG) is the collective name given to a broad range of paranormal phenomena attributed to a corruptive entity which infects weak and vulnerable people through the Solar Plexus chakra. Originally used by 80s New Age practitioners, the phenomena was linked to a horrorthemed email forwardable in the late 90s, which claimed that…

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