The Maryland Goatman

In Beltsville, Maryland, a scientist at the Agricultural Research Center was experimenting on goats when the procedure backfired. Once the smoke cleared, the scientist had become a mutated, half-goat half-man monster. Legend says the creature roams the backroads of Beltsville with an axe, attacking cars and wrecking havoc.

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Coney Island Brooklyn History 1

Airborne Frogman

The Airborne Frogman was a strange humanoid creature reportedly sighted by many residents of New York City in 1880. Appearance It was described as having a man’s body attached to a bat’s wings and “improved frog’s legs”. The creature was said to wear a “cruel expression”, despite the fact that it also supposedly flew 1,000 feet in…

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Riverside Monster

The Riverside Monster, also known as the Riverside Bridge Monster and the Brain Tickler of Riverside, is a bizarre lanky cryptid that was first encountered by Charles Wetzel on November 8, 1958. The creature was described as tall and lanky, with a “protuberant mouth” and glowing green eyes. It is very similar to the Landsborough Gangle. Appearance The creature was…

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Harvey Murray Glatman

Harvey Glatman

Harvey Glatman was an American serial killer. He exhibited his antisocial behavior and sadomasochistic sexual tendencies from an early age. Media quickly nicknamed him “The Lonely Hearts Killer”. Glatman started when he moved to Los Angeles, where he posed as a professional photographer to lure girls into his hotel room with the promise of easy money…

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The Legend of Gryla

In the hills of Iceland there lives a giant troll with hooves for feet and thirteen tails named Gryla. Every Christmas, Gryla comes down from her mountain cave to hunt for naughty children. Once she brings her bounty back to the cave, she boils the children alive in a stew and eats them for supper….

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