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Ectoplasm 4 (1)

Ectoplasm – A strange, mystical material that flows out of any orifice and opening of a mediums body during a seance. This paranormal substance would sometimes take the shapes of faces, limbs, or even an entire figure but could not materialize until it had come out of the body of the medium. The typical color…

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Amnesic Voting 0 (0)

Amnesia does not necessarily impair a person’s ability to make voting decisions. Psychologists studied a group of individuals suffering from a profound form of amnesia that prevented them from forming new memories. The researchers found that even though the individuals could not remember any facts about political candidates they had previously been shown information about,…

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Aging Odor 0 (0)

It’s widely believed that old people produce a characteristic, unpleasant body odor. Researchers refer to this as “aging odor” — although it’s more commonly known as “old people smell.” Scientific attempts to identify this odor have been mixed. Some Japanese researchers claim to have identified a volatile chemical (2-nonenal) produced by older people that has…

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This article was contributed by Jerry Gross. The concept of astral projection has been around for a long time, but until today, it has been hidden from most of humanity. Now, with the aid of astral projection, new levels of knowledge and power enable us to discover the answer to Man’s eternal question about life in…

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