All About Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

Thomas Edison

Mankind has long believed that it’s possible to communicate with the dead. Attempts to do so have been made over the centuries through oracles, séances, mediums, and psychics. Today, with a variety of electronic equipment at our disposal, there might be an easier, more effective way to converse with the spirit world. And whether or not the results are actual communication with the dead—or something else—the results seem very real.

What Is EVP?

Electronic voice phenomena, more commonly known as EVP, is a mysterious event in which human-sounding voices from an unknown source can be heard on recorded data from audio tape, radio station noise, and other electronic media. EVPs have been captured on audiotape more than any other media but the mysterious voices aren’t present at the time of recording. It’s only when the tape is played back—sometimes with the application of amplification and noise filtering—that the voices can be heard.

EVP recordings vary by gender (men and women), age (adults and children), tone emotion, and even language. Some are more easily heard and understood than others. Most EVPs consist of single words, phrases, or short sentences, although sometimes, they are made up of grunts, groans, growling, or other vocal expressions.

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