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Interview Questions 5 (2)

Interview Questions  1.Address of site: _____________________________________________________________________ 2.How many occupants at location: _____________________________________________________________________ 3.Occupants names and ages: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4.Occupants occupations: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5.Occupants religious beliefs: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6.Time of occupancy at the location: _____________________________________________________________________ 7.Age of the site: _____________________________________________________________________ 8.How many previous owners: _____________________________________________________________________ 9.History of site: (tragedies, deaths, previous complaints) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10.How many rooms in the site:…

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Los Angeles County Cemeteries 0 (0)

Los Angeles County Cemeteries Cemetery Address/Location Abbey of the Psalms 6000 Santa Monica Blvd LOS ANGELES , CA 90038 Acton Cemetery ACTON, CA 93510 Agudath Achim Cemetery 1022 S Downey Rd LOS ANGELES , CA 90023 All Souls’ Catholic Cemetery 4400 Cherry Av LONG BEACH , CA 90807 Angeles Abbey Memorial Park 1515 E Compton…

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Pl Screenghosthunters F

Standards & Protocols 0 (0)

Standards & Protocols are guidelines that ensure professionalism on a ghost hunting adventure. We strongly encourage you to follow them. Ask the spirits/ghosts for permission to take their photos. No smoking during an investigation. No alcohol, drugs before, during an investigation. No Ouija boards or séances. Always conduct your investigations in a professional manner. Respect…

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Ghost Hunting Hallway

Ghost Hunting Definitions 0 (0)

Ghost Hunting Definitions Apparition- an image with distinct features that enables one to recognize it as a person or specific object.  Typically associated with residual hauntings. Banshee- Death omen spirit of Ireland that manifests to herald an approaching death.  Heard wailing or singing mournfully.  Contrary to popular belief, banshees do not shriek. Battlefield Ghosts- places…

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